Taylor Swifties

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What are Taylor Swifties?

Taylor Swifties are plays on words. You create a connection between what is said and how it’s said using adverbs. They’re a parody of Tom Swifties which were popular in a viral sort of way before the word viral meant the spontaneous passing on of information. (See below for more on Tom Swift.)

Taylor Swifties are satires about Taylor Swift who could be Tom Swift’s great, great granddaughter, and about the way she talks and sings. They’re whatever you want them to be as you create your own word plays. The game is to invent the most subtle, clever or sneaky Taylor Swiftie that links something about Taylor with how you say it.

Tom Swift was the lead character in 38 books published from 1910 to 1935 and kept in print through the 1940s. In the series Tom was the “inventor” of everything from motorcycles to television. 33 follow-up Tom Swift, Jr. books were published from 1954 to 1971 where Tom, Jr. “invented” flying labs to G-force inverters. A book on Tom Swifties was published in 1963.

Examples of Tom Swifties

When Tom Swift said a Swiftie he was often talking about a serious subject in a way that made it silly. For instance “I’ll take the prisoner downstairs,” said Tom condesendingly. Took me a while to get that one and I didn’t like it much then. A better one with a different twist is “Prepare to get hooked.” said Tom angularly.

Why Taylor Swifties?

Why not? A little satire never hurt anyone and entertains most of us. It’s a way to be creative and say something about Taylor at the same time. She could be the biggest singer around. Yet she didn’t know she was related to the famous inventors, Tom Swift, and his son, Tom Swift, Jr. They invented everything from electric cars and submarines to space ships. Maybe her singing will have a similar impact on the culture.


How about “Of course I’m a crossover artist,” said Taylor crossly!

Or “If you work fast and don’t let yourself get inhibited, you’ll have lots of fun making these up,” said Taylor swiftly.

“You’re trying my patience,” said Taylor impatiently.

Or, “I once considered being a nurse,” said Taylor patiently.

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